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Hey, peenies! It's your mods Laura and Steph!

We've got big news for you and peenie friends who might have missed out joining the first time: we're reopening membership!!!

However, we are modding it to keep some FOB boardy trolls out. Don't you worry.

But we do have one big favour to ask you. We want to friends lock the community so that we don't get in trouble with LiveJournal for all the p33n that we show in icons, pictures, etc.

So from now on, if you could friends lock all posts, that would be excellent.

And I know this sucks really bad, but if you could go back and friends lock any posts that you created (because we don't have the power to do that) you will be blessed by the Spirit Peen every night for the next decade.

Thanks, guys!


EDIT: If you are requesting membership and your LJ is friends-locked, please add either doitalone or lauranat. We will auto-reject anyone who does not do this.
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We ♥ your comments!
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Hey thanks for letting me in! I was so sad I hadn't joined when membership was closed. I'm obsessed with the peen.

I was lurking the night it all went down, but didn't post. But I haven't stopped laughing since..
Haha, we loved the intro letter on your journal. BIG thumbs up for that one :-)
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That flashy words thing awesomeness on a stick.

Awww! Blink tags win at life, in situations like this. :)

Done, and done. :]
Dude, you're a fucking superstar. THANK YOU.
wow i feel so special for getting in on the ground floor :D
I friend-locked all my earlier posts. :) LONG LIVE PEENGATE!

Much peen love to you and yours!
i joined, please approve. i like making fun of falloutboy, even tho i like that lullelurah song where you cock it and pull it. I WANNA BE IN ON THE PEENGATE DAMMIT!
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check out iharthdarth :)
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Do we have a screening process to eliminate people who can't take jokes and want to spoil the peen fun, or is everyone cool?
Haha, we have a screening process.

It's called reading their entire journal. <3

Or skimming it for comprehension as they call it in college.
stephPEENIE wins ! i cant think of something for laura lol laurPEENA? lol doesnt work so well =/
k, i locked my old entries...wasn't as bad as i thought it'd be lol
Thank you p33nst3r!
Hello I would love to join. I am not a troll or a member of the fob messageboards :)
What if I want to join this community but my journal is just to comment in communities? I don't have a journal otherwise. Can I still join?
I want to join, but I just switched journals...people were e-mailing my entries to friends and just lovely drama...so I have no entries. My former journal is 6timesattempted though so you can see I'm not a troll...I just think the whole peengate thing is hilarious and I love reading the entries.
Ok. Yeah. I totally want to join. I am neither of the forbidden things though I do come from the land of trolls, norway. :D
hey, my membership request got declined! why?

i've posted a couple of times and have been watching this community since it began.

*internet emo tears*
I'm giving myself 50 I'm-so-awesome-I-spend-too-much-time-online points for getting in here... I feel so exclusive!

Hahhahahahahahahahaha I figured I had to join this when I saw a link to his lj from ontd that said 'this douchebag has a livejournal?'
baaaaaaaaaahahah. peen.
Cool. This comm seems awesome. Lol. P33n = coolest. idea. ever. Can I join? Not really a FOB fangirl or anything like that, but the p33n (ha) fascinates me.
Done and done!

Add me back, I want to obsess over the p33n!

I can't even listen to that Sugar song anymore without LOLing out loud. ♥
I don't know where the hell I've been, but I just discovered the internet hysteria that is Peengate. :) I've added both requested names to my friends list. Hopefully you can see by my posts that I'm a 30 year old who likes Fall Out Boy (as cliched as it sounds, I liked them years before they were popular---read that as before they were turned into an MTV teenie boppers wet dream) but I definitely like peen more & wish to be included in the peen obsessing! :D
How do you request to be a memember? Do you just add the two girls naems to your friends list?
lovely. i didn't join that day the picture was posted because I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT IT.

I wanna be a peenie, too.
I hope I get in!
What a great community. I definitely wanna be in.
I'm not a troll or obsessed fangurl111!!11 I swear haha.
there is nothing better than some pete p33n.