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Hello future peensters!

I've been getting a lot of IM's lately asking why your peengate membership wasn't approved.

Well - a lot of you I don't have the answers too since I wasn't the one who declined your request, but let me tell you a few things that may get you a decline from me and Laura, AKA lauranat. (Lo, ihavespace does not do any approvals so don't bug her.)

1. This is not a community to obsess over Pete Wentz. This is a community to obsess over his peen. If you're looking for a pro-Wentz community I suggest trying viawentztop or falloutboylove.

2. This community is pretty vulgar. For that reason alone if you're like, 12 years old and want to join, we're probably not going to let you. Sorry - but we're not really pro-corrupting the minds of 12 year olds.

3. The community is a pretty tight-nit group. I don't really know anyone here would hasn't made a friend or two during this whole thing. We have contests, we give out prizes, we do stuff together. In short - we're all friends. Laura, Lo and I are active in a bunch of other communities online. We lurk even more. If we know you to be a 'trouble maker' in other communities, we'll probably decline you.

NOW, all that being said, if you think you were unfairly declined, feel free to comment on this post and I will look into it. You can also IM me at boyzRfullOFnoise.


Remember that your application to PEEN PALS is due by 11:59PM on Sunday, March 26th!!!
Word. I decline people if they:

*Are 12.

*Have no entries on their LJs OR are friends-only and haven't added me or Steph.

*Are trouble-makers.

*Look as though they can't take P33ny Wentz jokes.

*Seem to be generally lame at life.

I declined about 15 people yesterday for one or more of those reasons. :/

Also, I got rid of Windows on my PC and got Linux instead so I won't be on AIM for a while BUT I will be back.

don't you have to be thirteen to use lj?
Ok. Fine - 13. :-P

Basically, any one under 16 is suspect.
And I say 16 because Livejournal would say 18 given our subject matter and what not but generally 16 year olds are at least sneaky enough to make sure their parents don't find out and threaten to sue livejournal. ;-)
haha reason number two. :D
I don't know if I was rejected...but I added lauaranat yesterday. I don't have any entries on my LJ bc I have a seperate blog...but I really want to be added and laugh at p33n jokes pleeeease lol.
ViaWentzTop is hardly pro-Wentz.

g o k e - joke. :-P

You know, it's not as funny when you type it out. ;-)
Ohhhh, I thought you were serious.

I figure, let viawentztop deal with the teenies.... ;-)

plus, I'm friends with one of the mods, and you know, well, she hates wentz. haha
LMAO at the thought of the 11 year olds going in there and being like 'ZOMG WHY ARE YOU MAKING FUN OF MY FUTURE HUSBAND?'

Only more like 'Y R U MAKin FUNN Of Mi FUTUR HUS??/???'
Oh, the eloquence of youth. *sigh*
peace to the peen world suckas.
ill approve people and decline as i feel so inclined.
I commented on the last public entry and added who I needed to, but never received notification on whether I was approved or declined. (I'm assuming declined, since I still can't see anything) :)

Thanks for your time.
Hey - I wasn't the one who rejected you, but I see no reason why you can't get in. :-)

Especially since you adopted an emo fetus! I love those things!

Anyways, I sent an invite your way. :-)
I don't think I rejected you, because you seem fine & you've added me to your friends list so I would have accepted you. :/

I might have rejected you if you didn't have me (or Steph) added the first time around, though.
It's okay. I'm here now and looking forward to partaking in the debauchery. :D
Hmm not to be annoying but I asked a question and it hasn't been answered...about Peen Pals...Can I join in the P33N LOVE even if I live in Canada. It's hard out there for a p33nster.
i posted in peengate sometimes before it got members only. i think i got rejected because i have no journal entries but i only use LJ to post in several communities, not to use as an online journal. but i'd really like to be a member, i miss reading the peen posts
I'm in the same boat. Wahh.
i must also add, viawentztop isn't really a pro-pete community
I was wondering if I was too late for the peengate membership.
Maaaan, add me back. I've been here since the beginning.
I'm very confused on how to join. Can someone maybe explain it a little more for? I would really like to join because well, Pete's P33n was the first one I've ever seen and I'm in love with it.
I just joined and added both of the mods, but I got declined really quickly. Do you know why?
I know that I was declined, and the only reason I can find is because I don't have an entry on this journal. I use GJ for my personal journal stuff, same journal name incase y'all wanna check. I mainly use this journal for the comms here on LJ that seem to be of a better quality than the ones over on GJ.
Sigh. I tried to join a couple weeks back. I added doitalone but recently removed her, losing hope, haha. Sorry? I used to watch the community. Then I ran into a very unfortunate "grounding"-type feud with my parents and had to leave my dear internets for about 2 weeks. Then I lost track and it became members only. So. Membership still fair game? I'm not too vocal cause I'm mainly reserved and keep to myself. I'm just a quiet person. So mayyybe I can try again? If it's okay, I added doitalone again. Sorry for the bother.
Hey! I absolutely adore you guys. I'm friends with deniedmsi (and by friends I mean, we like, rule at life and fangirl over the P33N and emopires except not :D) and lauranat suggested I try and join about a week ago as a result of such displays as this...

Yeah, I'm the girl who's the P33n Wentz portion of that lovely photoshoot. I was also responsible for the "Buxom: Like P33N Wentz. Except with more butt secks" pic.

Thanks! :)
let me into the peengate, please.
d00dz. wtf am i not allowed to enjoy the peen humor?
hah yeah i have no entries in my LJ because i usually write down stuff in my notebook when i think of it so there's really no point in posting it.
and i'm in VWT...
but hey, i'm all for the p33n
I added you to my friends, but I haven't received information on whether or not I was accepted. Just let me know when you get the chance. :)
*Are 12. - Nope, 18.

*Have no entries on their LJs OR are friends-only and haven't added me or Steph. - I have entries and most aren't locked. But i added you you both anyway.

*Are trouble-makers. - Not aware that I am, never mean to be.

*Look as though they can't take P33ny Wentz jokes. - Why else would i be here?

*Seem to be generally lame at life. - You can judge this one.

Do i pass? Can i join?
hey im 21, i added the two of you...browse my lj...not to intersting.
looking for some pete peen...i think ive come to the right place.
I added lauranat

I'm 18.
I was just talking to Pete online on AIM.
I'm not a trouble maker...
And I'd like to see the jokes, lol...

Add me? lol.
*I'm fifteen

*I have tons of entries

*I'm anti-arguments

*I love to hate/hate to love Pete. I swing both ways.

*I'm not cocky, but I don't think I'm lame at life either. lol.

Plus, this community really sounds fun.
hey I am an original peenster, and I'm in the community on the journal wasteamoment but I don't use that one anymore.

so plsplsprettypls let me join here? ;)
same here. i had to get a new eljay. (i used to be ango_banjo and yeah i added doitalone ages ago...)
just added the two of you, as i think all my entries are locked.
i'm pretty much sixteen. well i will be in about a month, but I round.
I enjoy a good laugh.

do I pass?
-I'm not 12. I'll be 15 in about two months. Hopefully, that age appropriate.

-Most of my entries are friends only. I'll add the mods asap.

-I'm not much of a trouble-maker. Can't exactly deal with all the drama.

-I can so handle the p33n. Bring it.

-I'm mostly not lame.

Did I ace the test of p33ngate? *crosses fingers*
I got declined and I'm not sure why. If there is a real reason, then I understand... but I kindve just wondered what it was? I'm completely anti-drama, so I don't think any of you have had trouble with me in other communities.
I've applied for membership, I'm part of VWT and I friended you.

aaand I'm not 12. Lolz p3333n.
I'm almost 23 - and would love to be a member here!!!
<3 thanks.
I'm 16 and would like to be a member!
I'm 24 and remember when the community first got created (I'm a memebr of ONTD!). I should have joined then, but I didn't, and I'd like to join now. I added doitalone.
ok actually I didn't add the right person. But I fixed it.
closed membership?
*Are 12. - I'm nineteen.

*Have no entries on their LJs OR are friends-only and haven't added me or Steph. - Added you both

*Are trouble-makers. - Last I checked, nope

*Look as though they can't take P33ny Wentz jokes. - Why else would I want to be here?

*Seem to be generally lame at life. - I don't know.... you tell me?

Show me the p33n! (I need to stop watching Tom Cruise movies)