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Hello future peensters!

I've been getting a lot of IM's lately asking why your peengate membership wasn't approved.

Well - a lot of you I don't have the answers too since I wasn't the one who declined your request, but let me tell you a few things that may get you a decline from me and Laura, AKA lauranat. (Lo, ihavespace does not do any approvals so don't bug her.)

1. This is not a community to obsess over Pete Wentz. This is a community to obsess over his peen. If you're looking for a pro-Wentz community I suggest trying viawentztop or falloutboylove.

2. This community is pretty vulgar. For that reason alone if you're like, 12 years old and want to join, we're probably not going to let you. Sorry - but we're not really pro-corrupting the minds of 12 year olds.

3. The community is a pretty tight-nit group. I don't really know anyone here would hasn't made a friend or two during this whole thing. We have contests, we give out prizes, we do stuff together. In short - we're all friends. Laura, Lo and I are active in a bunch of other communities online. We lurk even more. If we know you to be a 'trouble maker' in other communities, we'll probably decline you.

NOW, all that being said, if you think you were unfairly declined, feel free to comment on this post and I will look into it. You can also IM me at boyzRfullOFnoise.


Remember that your application to PEEN PALS is due by 11:59PM on Sunday, March 26th!!!
Hey, peenies! It's your mods Laura and Steph!

We've got big news for you and peenie friends who might have missed out joining the first time: we're reopening membership!!!

However, we are modding it to keep some FOB boardy trolls out. Don't you worry.

But we do have one big favour to ask you. We want to friends lock the community so that we don't get in trouble with LiveJournal for all the p33n that we show in icons, pictures, etc.

So from now on, if you could friends lock all posts, that would be excellent.

And I know this sucks really bad, but if you could go back and friends lock any posts that you created (because we don't have the power to do that) you will be blessed by the Spirit Peen every night for the next decade.

Thanks, guys!


EDIT: If you are requesting membership and your LJ is friends-locked, please add either doitalone or lauranat. We will auto-reject anyone who does not do this.