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Hey, peenies! It's your mods Laura and Steph!

We've got big news for you and peenie friends who might have missed out joining the first time: we're reopening membership!!!

However, we are modding it to keep some FOB boardy trolls out. Don't you worry.

But we do have one big favour to ask you. We want to friends lock the community so that we don't get in trouble with LiveJournal for all the p33n that we show in icons, pictures, etc.

So from now on, if you could friends lock all posts, that would be excellent.

And I know this sucks really bad, but if you could go back and friends lock any posts that you created (because we don't have the power to do that) you will be blessed by the Spirit Peen every night for the next decade.

Thanks, guys!


EDIT: If you are requesting membership and your LJ is friends-locked, please add either doitalone or lauranat. We will auto-reject anyone who does not do this.
Dude, you're a fucking superstar. THANK YOU.
... I am?
Are you mixing me up with tangoxinxparis? (I have no clue who that is on LJ, but that's their AIM.)
No, dude. You do us favours, you become a superstar.
Okay, YAY! *strikes a pose*